Online sales and shipping of products will soon discontinue.

The last 3 years of Datsun Restomods has been a pleasant surprise. 

Our products have been far more popular than ever imagined. We have sold hundreds of axle sets and many steering kits all around the world. We have also met some amazing Datsun fans.

Despite little advertising production has been pretty much full-time, which ultimately is the reason why we've made the tough decision to pull out of online sales and focus exclusively with on-site builds and work. This will give us the opportunity to ensure proper installation, have a better control on product demand, and free up time to develop a few more interesting products.

Should you wish to send us your Datsun for work, please don't hesitate to email for further details. We will be posting a build section in the near future so you can see just how far our 'Restomods' creativity goes. 

For a short time will keep the online site open while existing supply is available. 

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