Electric power steering kit for PL510 and S30
Electric power steering kit for PL510 and S30

Electric power steering kit for PL510 and S30

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COVID-19 update: we are still producing and shipping products. For the foreseeable future we will only fabricate kits for placed orders - no extra stock for next-day shipping. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping after the order is placed.

We are very excited to announce that a new electric power steering kit is ready to ship for the PL510. S30 kits will be availble Spring/Summer 2020. Due to potential COVID-19 supply disruptions, please message to order.

  • The kit is 100% bolt-in and reversible using the existing under-dash location. Note that 510s with automatic 'kick-down' switch will need to cut the bracket and move the sensor. No changes required for manual equipped or converted 510s.
  • Weight gain is approximately 15 pounds
  • The kit includes:
    • a complete & tested steering column
    • new firewall plate with bearing support
    • new steering shroud and accessory mount
    • mounting brackets
    • high-quality steering U-Joints and stainless shaft (100% bolt-on, NO welds)
    • all necessary wiring and fuse.
  • The OEM column unit will offer collapsible functionality
  • Tilt will be available for adjustability.
  • Steering wheel depth can be tuned via different thickness hub mounts.

Please note:

  • This kit will only work with aftermarket 3/5/6 bolt steering wheels. Stock steering wheels will not fit the Toyota spline.
  • This kit will remove the steering-lock functionality (steering action gets locked when the key is removed).
  • We are testing a JB Coachworks rack & pinion kit version of the kit. Stay tuned or message for details.